Skin Deep is a 11m GRP Catamran.

  • Service speed 17kts
  • 2x 360 HP main engines
  • Coded for 12 people
  • 40 square meter aft deck area
  • 240v power
  • Full electronics package
  • 700l fuel capacity giving a 250-300 mile range
  • Diver lift



Skin Deep is a fast well proven economical work boat. Giving a stable work space perfect for Dive work and crew transfer.

Skin Deep is coded for 12 people and can be adapted for a wide scope of workboat tasks such as:

  • Diving operations
  • Offshore/Inshore survey (all aspects)
  • supplies
  • Guard vessel
  • Safety boat
  • Film/photography crew
  • Water sampling
  • Individual operations

Skin Deep can be supplied with fully qualified skipper and crew and will turn their hand to help with any task.